Stupendous Meet Up

As a organizer of this meet up,Yesterday I have gone to Atwell school at 9’O clock(19-07-2015) then after reaching there we have waited there for an hour.Then students started to cum there.We invited our senior Adam to take the lecture about FSA

After his arrival several groups were splitted.In my group there are Six members including me.


The class was started progressing the event with lap.

My collegemate created a poster for this meet up that was really admirable too.For that he had got book as a reward for  his innovative poster.



# Introduction to various GNU/Linux distros

# GNU/Linux installation

# Blogging

# Privacy and security

# FSA Requirement and registration

# Mozilla ways of contribution

#Contribute to MLS

Adam states about FSA.He told the ways to become a FSA


1) should be a beginner at first

2) Trainee

3) Junior

4) Senior

After finishing up these given task’s we also can become a FSA

He depicts the difference between the other os and linux.That was remarkable to here which sound’s totally different


He told about the blog creating with the help of some “visual aids”then he showed the slides through ODP.

He taught about the contribution to mozilla,Then he briefly said about MLS(Mozilla Location Service).The task’s which was emphasized by Adam which helps us to Pile-up the credit marks.Finally he gave us some task to do.Then he gave books for every group.The name oe the task which he gave for us was “MOZILLA STUMBLER”.In that we have to install that app, with the help of GPRS  it will locate our current location this will ad-up our points.

Finally we took a group pic with Adam


Then the session was got over.We left the class with some innovation,ideas and thoughts which we shared.

I’m  just eagerly,curiously waiting for the next meet-up to get some more mind-boggling ideas and thoughts regarding this mozilla.I’m sure that I’ll cherish that moments which took place in our meet up in my future.

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